Polyurethane foam process - Pre polymers, half pre polymers, step foaming process

by:Uliflex     2020-11-27
Polyurethane foam process is divided into the following three: first, the dimer method: foam process is to the dimer method (( White material) And ( The black material) Pre polymers made first, then add water in pre polymers, catalyst, surfactant and other additives in mixed under high-speed mixing foam, after curing under a certain temperature curing. Two and a half and half: the dimer method (pre polymers method foam process is part of the polyether polyols ( White material) And diisocyanate ( The black material) Pre polymers made first, and then will be another part of polyether or polyester multivariate alcohol and diisocyanate, water, catalyst, surfactant and other additives, such as foam under high speed stirring mixing. Three, step foaming process: the polyether or polyester polyol ( White material) And more isocyanate ( The black material) , water, catalyst, surface active agent, foaming agent and other additives such as step in raw materials, after mixing foam under high speed stirring. Tags: triangle manufacturers polyurethane PU synchronous belt
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