Polyurethane industrial synchronous belt to reduce the consumption of energy efficiency

by:Uliflex     2020-11-27
Polyurethane industrial synchronous belt in automation equipment, use of zui is synchronous belt, not only is the mechanical equipment, automobile industry is also widely used. Optimal zhi, synchronous belt can not only reduce the consumption of energy efficiency, and strength, as well as use fixed number of year, are available to ensure that. Synchronous belt wheel can be divided into two components, synchronous belt and synchronous round, as the name implies, synchronous belt wheel is composed by the conveyor belt and belt pulley. As long as the synchronous belt and synchronous wheel at the same time using talents develop a effect, separate is useless. Though is the mutual connection between them, but meanwhile tooth need requires the corresponding, if not calculate, could be skewed, so the yield and the device is very important, even more so when producing, the need for each other between size and size, pitch, tooth height, with thick to measure, the manufacture should be accurate, the pace when the device is also key.
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