Polyurethane industry well-known large enterprises in the field of synchronous belt

by:Uliflex     2020-11-27
Polyurethane industrial synchronous belt this flat belt without connectors, high performance has developed to the polyurethane, polyurethane core body and rubber canvas core body with three types. In miniature rubber belt, in addition to the chemical fiber canvas, and use the nylon membrane, glass fiber, aramid cord cord as the core and surface of the rubber cover the chrome leather special products. Them with a traditional canvas flat with the different nature, specifications very fine mi, high additional value, tape manufacturers around the world are racing to develop has become a high-tech products of rubber industry. At present, the German Jin Ke Lin, Swiss khabarov kit, radar, and the Japanese companies such as SAN tin, is the well-known large companies of this field, and give priority to with polyurethane high dang and special micro zone as its leading products to develop.
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