Polyurethane synchronous belt different rope with different properties

by:Uliflex     2020-11-19
Guangzhou Uliflex polyurethane synchronous belt, pu synchronous belt manufacturer, the adoption of thermoplastic polyurethane ( TPU) Manufacturing, the unique steel reinforced processing, good quality, wear-resisting durable, stable performance, can also run smoothly under high load. Polyurethane synchronous belt has different cable, cable, and different polyurethane synchronous belt has some different features, under the guangzhou Uliflex industrial belt to introduce you to the following three different types of cable, all have some kind of feature. 1. Galvanized steel wire rope core. Has certain water resistance, dimension stability model, good creep resistance. 2. Stainless steel wire rope core. Good corrosion resistance, dimension stability, good creep resistance. 3. Kevlar rope core. Provide flexible and effective to reduce the weight of the belt body, corrosion and will not happen, high water resistance, not magnetic, apply to the system with a metal detector, is advantageous to the normal work. According to the mechanical equipment of their own actual situation, choose suitable polyurethane synchronous belt, the right is the best. Guangzhou Uliflex industrial belt co. , LTD. , polyurethane synchronous belt manufacturers, polyurethane synchronous belt, your concern is Uliflex are concerned, one more choice is not wrong, or Uliflex is that you have been looking for partners!
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