- polyurethane synchronous belt manufacturer - - 'Made in China 2025' strategy to promote the development of industrial belt industry

by:Uliflex     2020-11-28
'Made in China 2025' strategy to speed up the manufacture industry manufacturing mode transformation, industrial manufacturing industry of industrial robots, automatic mechanical equipment of high demand. Many of modern machinery and equipment, you need to use to the belt transmission Uliflex as polyurethane synchronous belt of professional manufacturers, ready for the nation and the world's machinery and equipment manufacturers to provide more competitive products supporting services. Belt drive with its smooth transmission, can ease the impact and vibration, low noise, can be used for high speed and high power drive, simple structure and good performance characteristics, widely used by many mechanical equipment. Has many excellent properties of polyurethane synchronous belt as a synchronous belt products are favored by more and more mechanical equipment manufacturers. Driving wheel transmission without polyurethane synchronous belt can guarantee slip of synchronous belt transmission, the power can be from a few watts to kw, the transmission structure simple light, free maintenance, no lubrication, don't need big initial tension, axle load is small, low transmission noise transmission performance excellence, polyurethane synchronous belt also has good abrasion resistance, is not affected by damp, uv and ozone, good oil resistance, and corrosion resistance, etc. The use of these like performance characteristics for its now extensive laid a solid foundation. Companies are now considering you response 'made in China 2025' strategic transformation and upgrading of preparation? What kind of equipment to prepare new? Device also has a belt drive? Inform messages Uliflex, give you some maintenance, replacement of industrial belt of professional advice! Welcome to come to consult!
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