Polyurethane synchronous belt steel wire core secrets

by:Uliflex     2020-11-19
Guangzhou Uliflex industrial belt co. , LTD. , polyurethane synchronous belt manufacturers, 15 years dedicated research and development, production, sales of various industrial belt has accumulated rich experience in industrial belt special processing, one more choice is not wrong, point to come in, maybe you will find what you want. Uliflex polyurethane synchronous belt manufacturers, manufactured using thermoplastic polyurethane synchronous belt, adopt unique steel reinforced processing and synchronous belt are of good quality, wear-resisting durable, stable performance, and also can run smoothly under high load. Uliflex cable, polyurethane synchronous belt is composed of several small wire twisting together a rope. And polyurethane synchronous belt openings with steel cable is made by twisting left and right twisting buried the gap between two kinds of wire, the double design can offset steel wire produced by twisting or residual stress, effectively increase the service life of polyurethane synchronous belt. Uliflex can also according to the width of the synchronous belt, open coil material in production of polyurethane synchronous belt accordingly when they design, make the finished product on either side of the edge sealing, synchronous belt and thus not exposed wire slot. If you of the synchronous belt, the need for processing, when ordering is required for a synchronous belt specified demands to divide the line! Guangzhou Uliflex polyurethane synchronous belt customization, polyurethane synchronous belt manufacturers, the focus for many years, make Uliflex more professional! Your concern is Uliflex concerns! And your trust on Uliflex industrial belt is Uliflex constant motivation! Free hotline: 400 877 - 9231
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