Polyurethane synchronous belt transmission applications need attaches great importance to the problem

by:Uliflex     2020-11-19
Uliflex jun tells you that polyurethane synchronous belt transmission applications need what attaches great importance to the problem. First, use of polyurethane synchronous belt pulley, and the tooth profile accuracy for the polyurethane synchronous belt transmission has important influence. Synchronous belt pulley, after over the service life of the tooth profile shape change, synchronous toothed with synchronous belt wheel tooth mesh will not be able to correct, which can cause polyurethane synchronous belt toothed failure in a short time. Second, the material of synchronous belt pulley, tooth surface hardness will have important effects on quality of synchronous belt transmission. Synchronous belt pulley synchronous belt is the most common failure forms of gear tooth surface wear and pitting, in order to reduce the happening of this kind of situation, take tooth surface should have the abrasion resistance and contact strength. Studies have shown that the general synchronous belt pulley material can choose medium carbon steel or carbon alloy structural steel, two kinds of 40 cr, for example, 35 simn, normalizing or conditioning treatment, the tooth surface hardness of 200-260 - HB. This material has high strength, surface hardness and good toughness, can satisfy the actual needs of synchronous belt wheel manufacture, for carbon steel hardness is moderate, can be fine teeth profile after heat treatment. Third, synchronous toothed belt drive, to avoid polyurethane synchronous belt from the belt wheel side slip, pulley must have baffle plate, and the baffle plate should be higher than the polyurethane synchronous belt on the back of the 1 to 2 mm, and I will about 5 degree Angle. Fourth, when the speed is greater than the limit speed synchronous belt pulleys, must be carried out to the balance, when less than the limit speed, just as a static balance, after balance testing, the residual amount of unbalance of pulley should not be greater than the allowable values. Fifth, synchronous belt pulley installation deflection, the polyurethane synchronous belt lateral compression on the baffle plate, will cause the polyurethane synchronous belt flank wear. So, when installation should pay attention to the belt wheel axis parallelism, make each synchronous belt wheel transmission center plane located on the same plane. More details, please call or online advice guangzhou Uliflex industrial belt co. , LTD. , we will serve you wholeheartedly!
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