Polyurethane synchronous belt trapezoidal tooth compared with circular arc tooth which is better?

by:Uliflex     2020-11-28
We know that the polyurethane synchronous belt can be divided into trapezoidal tooth with arc tooth, then what is the difference between them? By Uliflex jun for your answers to below. A, trapezoidal tooth synchronous belt the performance characteristics of trapezoidal tooth compared with circular arc teeth appear much earlier, the trapezoidal tooth Uliflex polyurethane synchronous belt with high strength steel wire core as powerful layer has high strength, strong tensile strength, oil, grease, and the influence of humidity and other performance characteristics. Trapezoidal tooth form of synchronous belt can be a very good for line speed driving, and has a smooth transmission, low bearing load, a wide range of load capacity and speed ratio, compact design, the characteristics of continuity and maintenance-free operation. Second, the circular arc tooth synchronous belt the performance characteristics of arc tooth polyurethane synchronous belt can be said to be the upgrade version of the trapezoidal tooth, in addition to the above the trapezoidal tooth synchronous belt, the performance characteristics of arc gear tooth profile for curved shape, structure and other trapezoidal tooth synchronous belt is basically the same, but the arc tooth belt pitch, the depth of tooth, tooth root thickness and fillet radius are larger than the trapezoidal tooth, arc tooth synchronous belt and after loading, the stress distribution state of good, effective gently the tooth root stress concentration, to improve the bearing capacity of synchronous toothed. Therefore, the arc tooth synchronous belt is bigger than the trapezoidal tooth synchronous belt transmission power. Expected to circular arc tooth synchronous with gradually replaced the trend of the trapezoidal tooth synchronous belt. Trapezoidal tooth with circular arc tooth has its own characteristics, but in the actual application, is the need to according to the design characteristics of the mechanical equipment and the actual work environment factors, such as choice more suitable synchronous belt products. Uliflex as a professional polyurethane synchronous belt manufacturer, can give you on the choice of synchronous belt, installation, maintenance and so on more professional suggestion, welcome to come to consult!
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