Polyurethane synchronous belt will damage? What are revealed the damage form of synchronous belt

by:Uliflex     2020-11-28
Maybe see title friend may also be like me like this question: performance so excellent polyurethane synchronous belt also exists in the process of using the damage? Uliflex gentleman here to tell you: it's really there. Next by Uliflex jun tell you about what are the failure forms of synchronous belt. One, the synchronous belt tension is not enough tension is not enough, so the friction is not enough, causing a skid, makes the belt wear increased. Second, the tension is too big a little tension does not lead to wear and tear, synchronous belt, we all know what is too much is bad, the same is true for synchronous belt, if of synchronous belt tension is too large, and the deformation is relatively serious, will shorten the service life of the synchronous belt. Three, synchronous belt with sundry because some dirt ( Such as: oil, chemical corrosion, etc. ) Contains chemicals can enter the synchronous belt, destroy the composition of the material. , polyurethane synchronous belt wheel no not to is in is synchronous belt wheel will cause synchronous belt skid, distortion and internal heat and wear, and so on and so forth, which greatly reduce the service life of the polyurethane synchronous belt. Five, the length of the synchronous belt is not equal to the transmission mechanism of a row of drive belt length is not equal to, can make each polyurethane synchronous belt on the tension size is different, lead to some belt skid, some have tension is too large, both of which result in different degree of wear and tear of synchronous belt. Six, excessive vibration amplitude of some machines will happen because of its operation or production greatly the vibration of polyurethane synchronous belt fast twitch, so as to shorten the belt use fixed number of year. Seven: startup overload polyurethane synchronous belt in the case of overload operation, will produce excessive tension, for synchronous belt such as deformation and lead to a shortened the service life of the synchronous belt. The above interpretation were detailed enough? 'The guest officer' you also satisfied? For a list of points you what questions and different opinions? Leave a message to Uliflex! ! ! ! Common progress with Uliflex.
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