Popular science synchronous belt tooth surface plastic deformation

by:Uliflex     2020-11-27
A lot of people would like to ask how synchronous belt tooth surface plastic deformation, plastic deformation is a kinds of permanent deformation of gear tooth failure forms, it is due to under too much stress, material in yield condition and the tooth surface of gear tooth or tooth formed by plastic flow. Synchronous belt wheel plastic deformation usually occur in the lower hardness of synchronous wheel; But under the effect of overloading, the synchronization of high hardness will appear on the wheel. Plastic deformation is divided into rolling molding change and plastic hammer. Roll is compression changed due to the rolling and sliding of meshing teeth caused by material formed by plastic flow. Due to plastic flow direction of the material and friction of tooth surface in the same direction, so on the driving wheel gear teeth along the relative sliding velocity of zero section at the rolled out of the groove, while on the driven wheel tooth at the pitch line out of the ridge edges. Actually this kind of phenomenon is called synchronous belt wheel rolling compression deformation. Hammer impact plastic deformation is accompanied by excessive caused by plastic deformation, it is characterized by a shallow groove on the surface of the tooth, and groove orientation is consistent with the meshing tooth contact lines. Improve gear's tooth surface hardness, using high viscosity or have extreme pressure additives of lubricating oil to help slow or prevent teeth from plastic deformation.
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