Precautions for the use of 'Uliflex' imported

by:Uliflex     2020-09-24
Precautions for the use of 'Uliflex' imported industrial belts include customized PVC conveyor belts, timing belt gears, high temperature resistant conveyor belts, rubber PU timing belts, PU triangle belts wholesale, etc.

When purchasing, pay attention to the clean surface of the product, the imported industrial belt is not twisted and deformed, and the teeth are full.
Imported industrial belt products must not be twisted, so as not to damage the frame material and affect the strength of imported industrial belts. It is strictly forbidden to scratch the belts of imported industrial belt products to avoid early damage to the belts of the imported industrial belts.
Imported industrial belt products should avoid contact with chemicals (especially strong oxidizing acids such as concentrated sulfuric acid, etc.).
Try to avoid long-term contact with oil and water for imported industrial belt products.
When replacing imported industrial belts, the tension of the belt must be minimized before it can be taken out. It is strictly forbidden to use non-professional tools to pry down the imported industrial belts under high tension.
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