Problems of service life and production effect

by:Uliflex     2020-05-20
The high temperature resistant conveyor belt is the carrier we use to transport materials.Generally, it is made of rubber and fiber bonding, or there are some composite products that belong to the metal category, and their materials have different application ranges, and some It is made by compounding plastic with general fabrics. Under normal circumstances, it has stable performance, high strength, and is not easy to break, and can be easily shaped and spliced, especially the production line of high temperature resistant conveyor belt equipment When changing, the length can be adjusted flexibly, and the effect is very good. The high temperature resistant conveyor belt is a product after high-tech processing under the premise of production needs.It is named for its high strength heat resistance.Generally, different models are determined according to the temperature that can withstand high temperatures, and the temperature of the medium itself is How much is a consideration value, and the belt surface temperature is a consideration value.Generally, the belt surface temperature is used as the main reference data for the selection of conveyor belt materials.The use of high heat resistance on low temperature materials is a waste of resources.For production The cost is virtually increased. On the contrary, the use of low heat-resistant materials in the transmission of high-temperature materials will not achieve the purpose of use, and even dangerous, causing damage to the rubber conveyor belt or even the entire conveyor. Paralysis directly affects the production of the entire assembly line. It is within our ability to choose the most suitable material to use, which is in line with the highest standards of production.
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