Process characteristics and performance parameters

by:Uliflex     2020-06-11
The first is to strengthen the research on rubber timing belt products, continuously increase product specifications and improve product quality, strengthen high-temperature resistant conveyor belts, cold-resistant conveyor belts, round tube conveyor belts, tear-resistant conveyor belts, high-wear-resistant conveyor belts, Development of high-strength steel rope conveyor belt above ST5000. Then it adopts international advanced standards to produce high-quality rubber timing belts. In recent years, the export volume of China's belt conveyor belts has been increasing. Foreigners generally do not accept Chinese-standard products and require the use of ISO, German or American standards. Therefore, conveyor belt enterprises must collect and digest relevant international standards, and perform manufacturing, inspection, packaging and after-sales service in accordance with foreign technical standards. Finally, the development of low-resistance energy-saving rubber conveyor belt. At present, energy-saving conveyor belts with low running resistance have been developed abroad and used on long-distance conveyors. The running resistance coefficient of general conveyor belts is 0.02 ~ 0.025, while energy-saving conveyor belts are around 0.016, which can reduce operating energy consumption by about 25% .
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