PU material must be selected for skimmer industrial belt

by:Uliflex     2020-09-24
There are two types of imported industrial belt materials for oil skimmer: PVC and PU. They are exclusively made of PU material, which is resistant to oil, corrosion, high wear, and waterproof. The seamless interface of the belt-type oil skimmer industrial belt guarantees the use effect. The colors are dark green and White, the perimeter and width are customized according to actual use. The thickness is generally 0.8-1.5mm, and the customized delivery time is relatively fast 1-2 days. PVC materials are rarely used in oil skimmers, and oil resistance is the biggest obstacle, but in the market Some bad businesses use PVC materials to make it, the life will be very short, affecting the service life,

It is not easy to distinguish between PVC industrial belts and PU industrial belts. Only professionals can distinguish them. PVC has an odor that can be easily identified when it is ignited. When selecting materials for oil skimmer belts, PU industrial belts must be used.

Mainly suitable for oil removal belt. Oil scraper belt belt. Oil skimmer belt Special belt for oil-water separator Special belt for oil scraper. Oil filter and scraper belt. Oil belt for belt skimmer

At present, the industrial belts of belt-type oil skimmers occupy 60% of the market quietly. The main sales of oil-scraper belts are concentrated in Shandong oil-skimmer belts, Jiangxi oil-skimmer belts, Jiangsu belt-type oil skimmer conveyor belts squeeze oil band
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