PU synchronous belt comprehensive advantages

by:Uliflex     2020-11-27
PU synchronous belt belt drive, chain drive and the comprehensive advantages of gear drive. With accurate, smooth, low noise, no slip, and the advantages of small bending loss; Transmission speed can be up to 10, the limit speed of 50 m/s, high transmission power; Oil resistant, resistant to moisture, without lubrication, and adapt to more axis rotation. PU synchronous belt when the choose and buy note: surface clean, belt is not twisted on the deformation and toothed. 4, PU synchronous belt matters needing attention when using: 1) Twists and turns are strictly prohibited, so as not to damage the skeleton material, the influence belt strength. 2) It is forbidden to cut the belt to avoid belt early damage. 3) To avoid chemicals ( Especially strong oxidizing acids, such as sulfuric acid, etc. ) Contact. 4) Avoid contact with oils, water for a long time. 5) Replacement of synchronous belt, the need to reduce the tension of belt zui is low, can remove and synchronous belt are strictly prohibited in the case of high tension, use the specialized tools ye pry down hard.
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