PVC conveyor belt in transportation and storage

by:Uliflex     2020-05-21
During transportation and storage, PVC conveyor belts should be kept clean to avoid exposure to sunlight, rain or snow, to prevent contact with acids, alkali oils, organic solvents and other substances, and one meter away from the heating device. During storage, the temperature in the warehouse should be maintained between -18 ℃ and 40 ℃, and the relative temperature should be maintained between 50-80% RH. During storage, the product must be placed in rolls without folding, and should be turned quarterly during storage. Conveyor belts of different types and specifications should not be used together. The joints are preferably glued. The type, structure, specifications and number of layers of the conveyor belt should be selected according to the conditions of use. The running speed of PVC conveyor belt should generally not be as large as 2.5 meters / second. The materials with large lump and large abrasion and the use of fixed plow type unloading devices should use low speed as far as possible. The matching of the diameter of the driving roller of the conveyor and the distribution of the conveyor belt layer, the reading roller and the redirecting roller, and the requirements for the idler groove angle should be selected reasonably according to the design regulations of the conveyor. The feeding direction should follow the running direction of the tape. In order to reduce the impact of the material on the tape, a chute should be used to reduce the distance of the material. The tape receiving section should shorten the idler spacing and use buffer idlers. To prevent leakage, the belt side A soft and moderate baffle plate should be used to prevent the baffle plate from being too hard and scratching the belt surface of the conveyor belt.
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