PVC conveyor belt introduces the classification

by:Uliflex     2020-06-07
There are many types of PVC conveyor belts, which are classified according to purposes: general purpose conveyor belts, flame retardant antistatic conveyor belts, general flame retardant conveyor belts, heat resistant conveyor belts, high temperature resistant conveyor belts, acid and alkali resistant conveyor belts, oil resistant conveyor belts, cold resistant Conveyor belts, etc. According to the structural material classification: ordinary cotton canvas conveyor belt, nylon conveyor belt, polyester conveyor belt, steel cord conveyor belt, PVC whole core conveyor belt, PVG whole core conveyor belt, steel cable conveyor belt, etc. According to the product structure classification: layered conveyor belt, whole core conveyor belt, steel cord conveyor belt, steel cable conveyor belt, tubular conveyor belt, pattern conveyor belt, rib conveyor belt, reduced layer conveyor belt, etc. During normal operation of the conveyor, there must be a certain gap between the objects. Since the movement gap between the objects during the operation of the PVC conveyor belt conveyor is a variable, it needs to be in the vertical bending section and the horizontal rotation section, including the angle type The horizontal rotation section of the driving device must be checked for passability. In addition, it should be noted that when the conveyor line passes through the auxiliary beam, it must meet the minimum motion clearance of the object. The motion clearance of the object is determined by the amplitude of its movement. decided.
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