PVC industrial belt joints Steel buckle joints

by:Uliflex     2020-09-24
Industrial belt materials mainly include pvc, pu, and canvas industrial belts. There are three main methods for industrial conveyor belt joints: one steel buckle joint, two seamless thermal joints, three lap joints,

One industrial belt seamless heat connection

Conveyor belt thermal vulcanization joint method

Conveyor belt hot-press vulcanization joints have proven to be an ideal joint method in many years of actual combat, which can ensure high joint efficiency, but also very stable, and the joint life is also very long.

Easy to master. The length of the joint is about 100mm, but there are disadvantages such as troublesome process, high cost, and long joint time.

Two industrial belt steel buckle joint

Generally refers to the use of steel joints, such as spike buckles, wire buckles, butterfly buckles and other belt buckles. The method is convenient, convenient and economical, but the efficiency of the joint is low and easy to damage.

It has a certain impact on the service life of conveyor belt products.

Three industrial belt overlap

Overlap sub-grinding, conveyor belt cold bonding head method

That is, cold adhesive adhesives are used for joints. This joint method is more efficient and economical than mechanical joints, and should have a better joint effect, but from a practical point of view,

Because the process conditions are difficult to master, and the quality of the adhesive has a great influence on the joint, it is not very stable. All PVC must be connected in a ring to be used, so the conveyor belt

The quality of the joint directly affects the service life of the conveyor belt and whether the conveyor line can run smoothly. Common methods for conveyor belt joints include mechanical joints, cold bonding joints, and hot vulcanization.

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