Regular triangle belt core vs. special triangle belt core who will popular

by:Uliflex     2020-11-27
Most of them adopt ordinary belt core of triangle belt core cord belt core, a small number of USES flaps with core. Because both the two core structure for fibre twisting or compiling, the triangle shear to take each other between the fiber core operation gradually breaking elongation. Therefore, adopting the cord belt core and flaps with core production of ordinary triangle can only be used in low load transmission system. Special belt core of triangle belt core of macromolecule polyester steel brown wire overall solid core rod core structure. Because of polyester steel brown wire to the overall solid core structure of untwisted, good adhesion, resistance to flexible, high strength, not run long, not only greatly improve the service life of rubber belt, and the service life of the belt body is balanced, enterprises can free maintenance, regular replacement. On November 22, 2010, polyester steel brown wire skeleton materials by the appraisal committee of experts: polyester steel brown wire as the skeleton of belt material with the conventional polyester cord, rope, aramid fiber rope structure skeleton materials such as belt, improve the service life of 5 - Ten times, is a led xian international level. Special belt core driving with xiao solved the high load heavy ordinary belt to replace frequent problems in power transmission system, much heavy industry around the world. Triangle notice: 1. When installation should use tensioner adjusted the tightness of triangle. Tight easy to damage the triangle, triangle skid. 2. To pay attention to the health of triangle, triangle cannot have oil and dirt. Oil is a rubber solvent, will shorten the life of the triangle, and reduce the friction coefficient, wear dust will accelerate triangle. 3. For safety in production, belt drive should have a good guard. 4. Used to regular inspections, timely adjust the firmness of triangle. 5. Triangle damage, should change in time is the new band, and readjust the triangle firmness. This article from the PU PU PU synchronous belt original synchronous belt, reprint please indicate the copyright: http://www. lilainuo。 com
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