Repair and application scope of PVC conveyor belt

by:Uliflex     2020-06-11
High-quality repair of PVC conveyor belt: 1. Instant repair and use, shorten downtime and improve work efficiency. The strength after repair can meet the use requirements without waiting for curing time. 2. The repairing technology is reliable and has a long service life. Under normal circumstances, it can be equivalent to the life of the original belt. The filling rubber is made of high wear-resistant rubber produced from natural rubber. Its wear coefficient is high, and the wear resistance is equivalent to that of the conveyor belt cover rubber. 3. Adopting the principle of cold vulcanization, under the action of A + B compound adhesive, the filler can be dissolved into the original belt, thus preventing the occurrence of delamination and completely avoiding the situation of repair. 4. Convenient operation, simple process and low labor intensity. The repairing effect of vulcanization can be achieved without large vulcanization equipment. 5. Environmental protection is beneficial to the health of the operator. All the repair materials in Germany do not contain benzene, formaldehyde, toluene and other harmful ingredients. 6. Economical repair method, low cost. The application scope of PVC conveyor belt: 1. Used for repairing the rubber damage on the surface of the conveyor belt, repairing the rubber damage of the longitudinal tear 2. Repairing the rubber sealing parts (such as the hatch seal on the ship) 3. Filling the joint after the rubber line 4. Used for filling the V-shaped interface at the rubber cover of the roller. 5. Used for beautifying repair of rubber parts. 6. Conveyor belt repair process 7. Local damage 8. Conveyor belt cold joint, steel belt joint 9. Rubber to steel and rubber to rubber, rubber to conveyor belt bonding and other innovative scientific research enterprises.
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