Replacement method between imported triangle belts

by:Uliflex     2020-06-09
Replacement of imported triangle belts of different models Whether two different models can replace each other, it depends on their cross-sectional dimensions. If the cross-sectional dimensions of the two triangle belts are the same, it can basically be judged that the two types can be replaced with each other. Imported triangle belt III. Replacement of toothed belt The above two alternative principles are also applicable to toothed belts. In addition, if there is no special description between the toothed belt and the non-toothed belt of the same model, that is, the non-toothed belt model and the corresponding toothed belt can be replaced with each other. 4. The replacement joint belt between the joint belt and the single belt has high stability, which can eliminate the possibility of movement overturning on the wheel, and is mostly used on equipment where the shaft is vertically installed. The first two alternative principles are equally applicable between joint bands. If there is no special instructions, the imported triangle belt of the same type of single belt and joint belt can also be replaced with each other. Of course, the above replacement principles all refer to the same size.
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