Research and Prospect of Synchronous Belt Transmission

by:Uliflex     2020-07-02
This paper summarizes the types, characteristics and research status of synchronous belt transmission technology, introduces several new types of belt transmission technology, discusses the problems that should be paid attention to when using synchronous belt, and puts forward the key research directions of belt transmission technology. Keywords: friction belt transmission; mesh belt transmission; new friction belt; technical research Belt transmission is one of the important mechanical transmission forms. Has the following Advantages: ① Elasticity and flexibility, which can absorb vibration and mitigate impact; ② Stable transmission and low noise; ③ Relative sliding between the transmission belt and the pulley during overload can play a protective role; ④ Suitable for occasions with large center distance; ⑤Simple structure, easy to manufacture, install and maintain. It is widely used in mechanical equipment, especially the automobile industry, household appliances, office machinery and various new mechanical equipment. The transmission belt was originally made of leather and was replaced by rubber in the mid-19th century. Since the 1960s, NR and S BR have gradually shifted to CR and PUR. In the 1980s, it was further expanded to include CS M and HN2BR. With the continuous improvement of industrial technology level, and the requirements for precision, light weight, functionalization and personalization of mechanical equipment, we continue to demand high precision, high speed, high power, high efficiency, high reliability, long life, low noise, With low vibration, low cost and compact development, the application range of belt transmission is getting wider and wider, and it has replaced other transmission forms in many occasions. Its varieties and specifications are developing towards diversity, from traditional ordinary cloth V belts and ordinary flat belts, narrow V belts, wide V belts, wide angle belts, ganged V belts, trimmed V belts, poly V belts, synchronous belts, Flat belt etc.
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