Routine maintenance of imported V-belts and analysis

by:Uliflex     2020-06-02
We all know that imported triangle belts are a kind of mechanical products, and its function is not repeated here. We know that machinery is not always in good condition. It has a service life with people. The same is true for triangle belts, so the daily maintenance is very important. Presumably in our lives, we have also encountered imported triangle belt exercise, then, do you know the reason? Then let the professionals give us an analysis. Daily maintenance: The operator and the user should master the correct operation essentials during normal driving. According to the technical requirements of the instruction manual, try to avoid violent starting and sudden braking; it should also prevent frequent overload; Breaking reason: 1. The structure of the belt and core will be damaged after long-term use. 2. The belt has poor tensile resistance; 3. The belt has poor anti-extrusion ability; 4. The quality of the belt cloth is not good enough; 5. The lengths of the two belts are inconsistent and interfere with each other during operation. The analysis of the reasons for the maintenance and breakage of the imported triangle belt is introduced here. Finally, remind everyone that too loose the V-belt is not only easy to slip, but also increases the wear of the imported V-belt, and even can not transmit power; too tight, not only will make the V-belt elongate and deform, easy to damage, but also cause the engine main bearing and clutch bearing Excessive force, which accelerates the wear of the V-belt
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