Rubber synchronous belt manufacturer to tell you, why don't you add wire

by:Uliflex     2020-11-28
A friend asked why Uliflex rubber synchronous belt manufacturers, rubber synchronous belt is a core line and never strong layer of steel wire core? Before answering this question actually to declare is that we are actually by steel wire of the precedent, but most still rubber synchronous belt is the use of high strength wire core as a powerful layer. We know as actually more powerful layer steel wire core is the use of more polyurethane synchronous belt, the reason is very simple, actually also is odds steel wire and rubber. First of all, from the physical properties between them is mutually exclusive, rubber quality compared with steel wire is more soft, does not have the strength of the metal. Therefore, if you use wire as powerful layer to use, a greater extent in the transmission process of rubber belt body tear phenomenon. Of course, this also is limited to the inappropriate on the transmission rate and dynamic strength, it will also make rubber synchronous belt texture harden and reduce its mechanical properties. So Uliflex rubber synchronous belt manufacturer product more is to use the power line core is used to as a powerful layer, of course, it is also use kevlar wire line core, rather than what unknown ordinary materials. And only this kind of material can meet the use requirements, this need everyone to pay attention. In addition we also mentioned that is used as an example of a strong layer of steel wire core, but Uliflex rubber synchronous belt manufacturer to remind everybody, this is not the norm. We also talked about why in most cases above odds rubber and steel wire, but in some special cases, such as high strength at low speed transmission occasions may be used, but has the strict constraints. Therefore Uliflex rubber synchronous belt manufacturers recommend, when selecting a synchronous belt must suit the remedy to the case to solve the problem.
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