- rubber synchronous belt manufacturer - - Your 3 d printers use what belt, would you like to know?

by:Uliflex     2020-11-28
Uliflex a guangdong customer to customize a batch of rubber synchronous belt for 3 d printers. 3 d printers, also known as 3 d printers, is a kind of accumulated manufacturing technology, namely a kind of rapid prototyping machine, at present, the domestic 3 d printing enterprise is still in development stage, and 3 d printers use synchronous belt products, Uliflex many a 3 d printer customers long-term cooperation. In 3 d printers, useful to the rubber synchronous belt, useful also take polyurethane synchronous belt, the two synchronous belt did not say which is better, the different mechanical equipment production and processing requirements, the production operation environment different use of synchronous belt material will be different. The customers customized by synchronous belt product is rubber synchronous belt, rubber timing belt has the following advantages: these 1, ensure the driving wheel is no slip between synchronous transmission; 2, the transmission ratio can reach 10, transmission speed can be up to 40 m/s; 3, the transmission power can be from a few watts to kw; 4, simple structure, light transmission and without lubrication; 5, don't need big initial tension, axle load small; 6, running low noise; 7, simple maintenance, easy and smooth, etc. Therefore rubber synchronous belt has been in the automotive, chemical fiber, sewing equipment, textile equipment, tobacco machinery, paper making, printing, office equipment, communications equipment, food machinery, small appliances, mining, metallurgy, iron and steel, machinery, medical equipment, chemical industry, light industry and all kinds of precision machine tools, instruments, etc, are widely used. Uliflex industrial belt manufacturers, 15 years experience in industrial belt production, processing, sales, over the years for global machinery and equipment manufacturers to provide more competitive products supporting services, is your trustworthy partner!
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