Rubber timing belt gear drive their strengths

by:Uliflex     2020-11-27
Characteristics: (rubber synchronous belt wheel 1) Non-slip, transmission, right thing with a constant velocity ratio; ( 2) Drive safe, have buffer, vibration reduction ability, low noise; ( 3) High driving obedience and can reach 0. 98, significant energy saving result; ( 4) Convenient maintenance and nurse, do not need lubrication and maintenance capability is low; ( 5) Speed ratio range is big, usually up to 10, line rate can be up to 50 m/s, has great power on category, can reach several to several hundred thousand watts; ( 6) Can be used for long interval between the transmission, the central distance can reach more than 10 m. ( 7) No pollution, can be in admit of no pollution, and what is bad situation normal things synchronous wheel principle: synchronous wheel transmission is by a week in appearance with the spacing ring belt and have appropriate tooth belt wheel, runtime, toothed with pulleys tooth meshing reporting activities, and the power, it is a combination of belt transmission, chain transmission gear drive respective advantages of the new belt transmission.
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