Safety limiting device for rubber timing belt

by:Uliflex     2020-06-15
Rubber timing belt height limit device: After the hook is lifted to the specified height, touch the limit weight, turn on the travel switch, the 'overwind' indicator light is on, and the hook lift is cut off, the boom is extended, The boom is waiting until the operation of the action to ensure safety. At this time, as long as the hook is lowered, the boom is retracted or the boom is raised (that is, to the safe side) and other handles, the rubber conveyor belt releases the limit weight and the operation returns to normal. In special occasions, if a small amount of overwinding operation is still required, the release button on the instrument box can be pressed, and the function of the limit is released at this time, but the operation at this time must be very careful to prevent accidents. Outrigger locking device: When an unexpected accident occurs and the high-pressure hose or tubing leading to the vertical cylinder of the outrigger is broken or cut, the bidirectional hydraulic lock in the hydraulic system can close the outrigger to seal the pressure oil in the two chambers of the cylinder, so Shrink or flick out to ensure the safety of lifting operations. Rubber timing belt weight indicator: The weight indicator is set on the side of the basic arm (ie, the right side of the operating room). The rubber conveyor belt operator can clearly observe and correctly indicate when sitting in the operating room. The elevation angle of the outrigger and the rated lifting weight allowed by the crane under the corresponding working conditions. Lifting characteristic table: It is set on the lower wall panel on the front side of the control room. The table lists the rated lifting weight and lifting height under various arm lengths and various working ranges for easy reference during operation. When lifting, never exceed the value specified in the table.
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