Selection criteria for industrial belts for placement

by:Uliflex     2020-09-24
The imported industrial belts for placement machines mainly include nozzle rotating belts, motor-rotating belts, head R-axis belts, SMT head motor belts, placement machine conveyor belts, rail belts, and conveyor belt pulleys (with bearings).

Applicable equipment for industrial belts for placement machines includes Panasonic (Japan), Assembleon, Siemens (Germany), SONY (Japan), FUJI (Japan), YAMAHA (Japan), JUKI (Japan), MIRAE ( South Korea), EVEST Yuan Lisheng (China Taiwan), Global UNIVERSAL (United States), SAMSUNG Samsung (South Korea), etc.

The typical surface mounting process of SMT placement machine belt equipment is divided into three steps: applying solder paste-mounting components-reflow soldering

SMT industrial belt selection standard for placement machines has extremely high requirements for conveyor belts, especially antistatic requirements. During the manufacturing process of electronic products, electrostatic discharge can change the characteristics of semiconductor devices, make them damaged or unstable, and cause damage to the final product. Or can not be used normally.

Mounting machine: also known as 'mounting machine', 'Surface Mount System' (Surface Mount System), in the production line, it is configured after the dispenser or screen printing machine, by moving the placement head to mount the surface A device where components are accurately placed on PCB pads. Divided into two kinds of manual and automatic.

We are very familiar with placement machine industrial belts, and placement machine belts can be processed.
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