Selection of Wrapping Materials for Structural

by:Uliflex     2020-05-22
The main function of the wrapping is to protect the high-temperature synchronous belt teeth and strong layer, improve the shear resistance and wear resistance of the tooth, reduce the friction factor on the surface of the high-temperature synchronous belt teeth, reduce noise, and improve transmission efficiency. Therefore, the cloth material is required to have good strength and abrasion resistance and can withstand a strong shearing effect, and also to ensure that the longitudinal elongation at break is 100% to 150%, and it can withstand vulcanization temperature above 160 ℃. Nylon has good strength and abrasion resistance, its elongation at break is greater than polyester, and its heat resistance is better than spandex (up to 200 ℃), which can meet the requirements of high temperature timing belt cloth materials. After the performance comparison, the high elastic nylon cloth imported from Germany was selected.
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