Small tractor v-belts, bring great hidden trouble breakage farmers fingers

by:Uliflex     2020-11-27
Jiaonan implicit bead in the town of planting corn farmers liu in tractors, it found that the motor can't seem to turn very smoothly and then hand want to stir the gear. Liu did not expect to see triangle hanging gear on the motor is to join his left hand little finger went in, and cut off on the spot on the ground. Family immediately called 120 will liu sent to jiaonan hospital treatment, because seriously, to the 401 hospital. On the basis of the doctor remind, also is the busy farming season season of rural such injury, you must be careful when working. The reporter saw in the hospital transfusion room, 55, the injured liu is still in infusion. Liu tie with gauze on her left hand, holding cheng fang aside the hands of relatives and friends also in small containers of amputation, reporter noticed that there are a lot of ice in small containers. 'Hospital for us, coming from high speed along the way, thanks to this, otherwise we don't really know how bring finger joint. 'Liu said a relatives and friends. Old Liu Xiang medical staff to introduce the incident: the home in the town of jiaonan implicit bead he work in the morning yesterday, found in operation of the tractor motor seems not too smooth, rotate the hand want to move the gear, suddenly rolled by the results of the gear with triangle to join his little went in, and not only bite open the flesh, bones breakage on the spot will also make half fingers fell to the ground. Family heard liu of bellow, immediately called 120 liu to the jiaonan hospital, the preliminary wound, need immediate reattachment surgery liu hung infusion bag or bottle was 401 120 ambulance to the hospital. According to emergency personnel, since the amputation in frozen state, now temporarily unable to determine, liu's injury can finger replantation is hard to say. This article from the PU PU PU synchronous belt original synchronous belt, reprint please indicate the copyright: http://www. lilainuo。 com
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