Some effects and analysis of the composition of

by:Uliflex     2020-05-19
1. Cloth layer The cover layer is composed of plain rubber canvas (primarily cotton canvas and polyester-cotton canvas) obliquely cut into 45 °. It has excellent elasticity and conflict. It can connect each of them into a whole and maintain others from wear and tear. Etching, and can add the effect of V-band stiffness. 2. Spread adhesive layer The spreading rubber layer is composed of a rubber material with high elasticity and excellent spreading function. It accepts the tensile stress of the V-belt when it is tortuous and works to buffer and maintain the strong layer. 3. Strong layer The strong layer is the skeleton of the V-belt. At present, the main types are polyester cord, polyester tempered brown silk, aramid cord and dipped cord fabric. The effect is to accept the stretching of the V-belt during the work process Stress is the primary stress in the transmission process of Gates V-belt. 4. Buffer rubber The imported triangle belt of polyester tempered brown ribbon core or cord belt core is around the strong layer. There is a layer of rubber material with excellent adhesion strength with the belt core, which is the buffer rubber, which plays the role of fixing the belt core. And it can absorb the dynamic shear stress that occurs when the triangle belt is deformed frequently at high speed. 5. Tightening adhesive layer The tightening rubber layer is composed of rubber material with excellent resistance to twisting and fatigue. It accepts the tightening stress of the imported triangle belt and then works. Conflict contact surface, improve the effect of transmission power.
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