Some preventive problems before installation of

by:Uliflex     2020-06-01
Before installing the rubber timing belt, make sure that the surface is clean and the belt is not deformed. The tooth of the selected product must be full. Be careful not to bend the product to prevent its internal skeleton material from being damaged and affecting its strength. It is forbidden to contact with strong oxidizing acid, and can not contact with oil and water for a long time. The installation method of the synchronous belt can be summarized as follows: if the center distance of its two pulleys can be shortened, the center distance should be shortened before installation. After it is installed, the center distance of the two pulleys should be reset. If there is a tensioner, first loosen the tensioner, then install the timing belt, and then install the tensioner. In order to prevent the tensile layer from breaking, the belt should be lightly installed on the pulley. The pulley should also select the two axles that can be close to each other. If the conditions do not allow, install the timing belt and the pulley together on the axle. In order to reduce the fatigue of the winding of the timing belt core, the initial tension should be adjusted to the most appropriate level. Too large will affect the pressure of the tooth crest of the pulley to the bottom of the tooth, so that the timing belt will not last long. It will also result in increased squeezing force, which will damage the bearing. If it is too low, it will cause tooth skipping during operation. The axes of the two pulleys must be parallel to each other. The rigidity of the frame supported by the timing belt must be high, otherwise the operation of the pulley will cause the axes of the two pulleys to be non-parallel.
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