Southern rubber synchronous belt factory: April already summer, high temperature under your belt ok

by:Uliflex     2020-11-28
In early April, south China, spring will be over, has the high temperature let a person feel the power of the summer in advance. Uliflex as natural rubber synchronous belt factory in this high temperatures or use belt heart all our customers, the temperature of 30 degrees now will have to use the hidden trouble. Synchronous belt, after all, always give priority to in order to drive in the way of work, but in high load production of heat and high temperature is still a challenge for rubber products. In fact industrial rubber use restrictions have been very clear, divided into different from car tire and rubber products, such as paid more attention to both mechanical compared with wear-resisting rubber synchronous belt or second, synchronous belt after is the strength of the tooth. In high temperature environment, the influence of rubber synchronous belt what happens? Uliflex rubber synchronous belt factory said here we understand there is a need to pay attention to, is the critical point of temperature and the material, the rubber synchronous bring said it even in the use of high strength in the dissolution of the situation is not in combustion state. This due to the synchronous belt Uliflex rubber synchronous belt factory products material features, regular deformation under the condition of high temperature is not easy. So need to be in the use of the summer cooling treatment? Generally is not necessary, and Uliflex rubber synchronous belt factory does not recommend people through such ways as flush to cool, this will significantly affect the mechanical synchronous belt, and have a bad effect on the whole driving components. As long as you keep the environment ventilation can help cool down the entire device processing, without the need for other actions. Uliflex rubber synchronous belt factory to provide comprehensive technical support, welcome customers to come to consult relevant information.
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