Synchronous belt characteristics working principle

by:Uliflex     2020-07-05
   Synchronous belt features working principle and precautions    1. The timing belt is conveyed relative to the V-belt, the preload is small, and the load on the shaft and bearing is small;    2. The synchronous belt drive is accurate, there is no slip when working, and it has a constant transmission ratio   3 Stable transmission, with buffering and vibration reduction capabilities, low noise 4 speed ratio range is large, generally up to 10, linear speed up to 50m/s, with a large power transfer range, up to several watts to hundreds of kilowatts    5 can be used for long distance transmission, the center distance can reach more than 10m   6 High transmission efficiency, up to 0.98, obvious energy saving effect; The synchronous belt drive is composed of an endless belt with equal-spaced teeth on the inner peripheral surface and a pulley with corresponding teeth. During operation, the belt teeth mesh with the tooth groove of the pulley to transmit motion and power. It is a comprehensive belt A new type of belt drive with the advantages of transmission and chain drive gear transmission.   Precautions for installation and use of synchronous belt and synchronous wheel:    Reduce the center distance of the pulley. If there is a tensioner, it should be loosened first. After installing the belt, adjust the center distance. For the transmission with fixed center distance, the pulley should be removed first, and then the belt is installed on the pulley, and then the pulley is fixed on the shaft.
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