Synchronous belt drive calculation

by:Uliflex     2020-09-24
Timing pulley guidelines

It is recommended to use the largest diameter synchronous belt wheel allowed by the actual situation to maximize the number of meshing teeth and increase the linear speed of the transmission belt. If high positioning accuracy is required in the application, zero clearance pulleys can be used. It is recommended to use high-quality synchronous pulleys to ensure reliable transmission
Machine structure
In order to ensure that there is no failure in the transmission, it is recommended to use a synchronous belt with the largest structural rigidity for transmission. This can ensure continuous work of the transmission belt.
If a splint is used, it must match the tooth profile of the transmission belt and be rigid to ensure uniform clamping force on all surfaces. It is recommended to clamp at least 8 teeth to ensure product performance. If the transmission belt uses HPL cores, it is recommended to clamp 12 teeth.
Definition and transmission period
In most cases, the linear transmission in the two transmission layouts shown below will be used to form a specific force system.
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