Synchronous belt should pay attention to the installation of center distance when installation related issues

by:Uliflex     2020-11-27
At the time of installation of synchronous belt must not forget, reduce the center distance of the pulley, if there is a tension wheel should be loosened, mount tape and then adjusting the center distance. For fixed transmission center distance, should first remove the pulley, the belt again after loaded on the belt wheel fixed on put pulley to the shaft. On the specific installation if the center distance of two pulleys can be moved, must shorten the belt wheel center distance, installed after the synchronous belt, again to reset the center distance. If there is tension wheel, to relax the tension wheel, then install, tension wheel on reload. When installed on the pulley, bear in mind that don't too hard and hard pry or with a screwdriver, in order to prevent it in the tensile layer produces imperceptible break phenomenon appearance. Design pulley, had better choose the structure of the two shafts can be closer to each other, if the structure is not allowed, it is the best loaded on the corresponding shaft with pulleys. When a newly installed, synchronous belt transmission, the two pulley axis parallelism requirement is higher, otherwise synchronous belt running deviation, are generated as even jump out of the pulley. Axis is not parallel will cause uneven stress, the toothed early wear. Support wheeled chassis, must have enough stiffness, otherwise the pulley when combination lock operation can cause two axis is not parallel.
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