Synchronous belt transmission equipment needed to experience four normal wear stage

by:Uliflex     2020-11-28
Transmission device of the synchronous belt solid material on the friction surface condition of the continuous loss of known as wear and tear, in transmission equipment, wear generally all is unavoidable. Generally speaking, accessories of excessive wear leads to failure of synchronous belt, can wear also does not necessarily are harmful. Explore the intent of the wear and tear is to understand the wear mechanism and all kinds of interference factors, in order to convenient to control the wear process. Synchronous belt type mechanical transmission is normal wear generally have the following several stages: 1, the running-in stage of wear: mechanical objects in 10 - this time 50% is trying to turn under the rated load, rush to reduce friction surface, and make the actual contact area is larger, the pressure decreases, the wear rate with reduce slowly, this stage of the new parts is quite necessary, can't take liberties with. 2, into steady stage of wear: the wear rate of mechanical transmission occurs at this time is very small, it can ensure the service life of parts during normal operation. After a long time in the stable wear stage also accumulated a relatively large amount of wear and tear, accessories began to lost the original trajectory. 3, intense wear into the final stage: at this time of the fitting precision of the sharp drop in that space greatens, lubrication condition with deteriorating, temperature rise and appear relatively large vibration and noise, the accessories will soon be scrapped. According to different application requirements, wear is permitted also existence very big difference. For synchronous belt type of mechanical transmission, the wear and tear on the appropriate limits, won't have much of a problem, but very high demand on precision machinery, such as precision machine tools and measuring tools, etc. , if they appear very small amount of wear and tear, its original precision will be missing and scrap.
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