Synchronous belt users will see: polyurethane synchronous belt installed correctly

by:Uliflex     2020-11-19
The use of polyurethane synchronous belt, the correct installation of belt is the first step, is also a crucial step, this relates to whether the next belt can work normally. Guangzhou Uliflex industrial belt co. , LTD. , to teach you how to properly installed polyurethane synchronous belt. The correct installation steps: 1, turn off the power supply, shield, unscrew the motor mounting bolts, mobile motor make the belt enough slack, can remove the belt does not need to put aside, don't put the belt to pry it down. 2, remove the old belt check and abnormal wear and tear, excessive wear in the morning could mean transmission device design or maintenance problems. 3, choose a new suitable polyurethane synchronous belt replacement. 4, clean the belt and pulley, cloth should be stained with a little less volatile liquid to wipe, submerging in clean or use cleaner scrub belt is not desirable. Belt must be kept dry before install and use. 5, check whether pulley and abnormal wear or crack, if you have these cases you must replace the pulley. 6, check whether the pulley is in a straight line is symmetrical, it is very important to polyurethane synchronous belt running. ( See image below) 7, check the rest of the drive system components, such as bearings, bushings, durability and lubrication situation of symmetry. 8, install the new polyurethane synchronous belt on the pulley, can't pry or too hard. 9, adjust the belt tension wheel, until proper tension. 10, tighten the motor mounting bolts, correct torque, it is important to ensure that all transmission parts have been tightened. 11, initiating device and observe the workings of the belt, check whether the normal work.
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