Synchronous belt wheel selection which parameters need to be paid attention to

by:Uliflex     2020-11-27
Products without special circumstances, before production has a certain standard of related technical parameters, manufacturers set product standards according to the technical parameters. So the user when the choose and buy products, manufacturers provide technical parameters can be compared with standards, the smaller the gap, the better the quality of the product. Synchronous belt wheel in by steel, aluminum, cast iron, brass, etc materials. Inner hole is round hole, D type hole, taper hole forms, etc. Surface treatment with grey, black oxide, galvanized, zinc plating color, high frequency quenching, etc. It is designed on the basis of the related technical parameters, but unable to distinguish from the design materials, the need to pay attention to when synchronous belt wheel selection which parameters? First of all need to be aware of is the tooth profile parameters. Synchronous belt wheel tooth have inch and metric of the two points, this division is based on because they are different of the torque, torque of the metric system relative to English may be a little higher. It is because they have both different, that customers can choose according to their intention to tooth shape and determine what they need. Also need to be aware of is the issue of teeth, tooth number is synchronous belt wheel selection an important guidance standard, the synchronous belt wheel teeth on the market basically is evenly distributed, in various aspects were similar, though at the time of choosing or want to see if his damage. Axis finally is everyone's concern of material. Because of the synchronous belt wheel material good or bad will directly affect the efficiency of his work, so in choosing a synchronous belt wheel must pay attention to focus on his good or bad, general customers can according to the naked eye or the touch judge of his material.
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