Take the right measures to prevent rubber synchronous belt wheel in advance 'die'

by:Uliflex     2020-11-28
Even though the market for people to choose the synchronous belt wheel has a lot of, but because of the use of the advantages of rubber products is is obvious, so it more in the market by consumers love. Rubber synchronous belt wheel performance is good, but is still in use should be protective measures, to prevent the occurrence of the phenomenon to die early. Reasonable temperature control is important: the use of rubber synchronous belt wheel, because of the production materials, the encounter will appear after high temperature deformation, and the deformation is can bring needless trouble to its use, so want to avoid the occurrence of deformation should be reasonable control the temperature, especially the emergence of the need to avoid even the appearance of higher problem. Tension to reasonable control: install rubber synchronous belt wheel for tension people also want to control in the process, want to know if the tension is small in use is easy to cause the belt skid phenomenon, but if the tension is easy to cause the pulley heavy damage. Cleaning work to do: rubber synchronous belt wheel in use also need people to do a good job cleaning, should be to clean up the stain will be timely, otherwise will lead to damage to the pulleys. Rubber synchronous belt wheel in the market by consumers like mainly because of its advantages, but want to know is still need to pay attention to in use, can appear otherwise die phenomenon in advance, this is will give related equipment breakdowns.
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