Teflon high temperature cloth belt how much do you know?

by:Uliflex     2020-11-19
High temperature teflon tape has a variety of excellent performance characteristics, widely used in aviation, papermaking, food, environmental protection, printing and dyeing, clothing, chemical, glass, pharmaceutical, electronics, insulation, construction, grinding wheel section, machinery and other fields. Teflon high temperature cloth can be used for anti-corrosion coating, lining and liner, anti-sticking conveyor belt, high frequency copper clad, architectural membrane material, insulation materials, microwave drying conveyor belt, flexible compensator, friction materials and other high temperature teflon tape and iron important high temperature teflon high temperature cloth belt, cloth belt, PTFE, high temperature and high temperature resistant tape, high temperature teflon tape is glass fiber cloth as the backing material coated with teflon resin, made from teflon ( PTFE) Conveyor belt base cloth; Thickness of teflon high temperature cloth is to differentiate between the specifications, the thinnest of 0. 08MM。 Teflon conveyor belt can be divided into four levels: (1) ordinary industrial grade; (2) standard level; (3) food grade. (4) antistatic grade guangzhou Uliflex industrial belt co. , LTD. , specializing in industrial belt industry for 15 years, has accumulated rich experience in industrial belt special processing, Uliflex care about you care about, if you happen to have the demand of the industrial belt, and just met Uliflex, why don't you consider Uliflex industrial belt? Uliflex production of industrial belt: energy saving province electricity, even tension, high strength, impact resistance, elongation of small, safe environmental protection, etc. Hurry up to Uliflex understand once! Reliable quality, complete specifications Uliflex industrial belt free hotline: 400 - 877 - 9231 Uliflex industrial belt sales/factory address: guangzhou panyu district big stone street: 47 industrial zone
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