Teng ying industrial belt: a new batch of joint machine ready to shipment

by:Uliflex     2020-11-28
Splicer is Uliflex industrial belt manufacturer inside one of the high frequency use automation equipment, as its name implies is to help our efficient the use of belt feeder, a friend asked: you are not a manufacturer of leather belt, how do devices? Here is really interesting, today small make up you tell everyone about this device from where. As we have been the main business of industrial belt, after many years and dealing with the belt Uliflex industrial belt as a equipment manufacturers have accumulated a large number of industry experience, and unwilling lonely engineers to research and development, at the same time in the early years of factory equipment upgraded to change itself, is also a trademark feature of modern factory automation. Actually sold in the first device Uliflex have never thought about this question before you go out, who will buy our machine? , after all, we are the manufacturer of the belt, the machine is used specially for the belt processing equipment. Didn't want to have the customer after a large number of purchasing the belt products also need to carry on the processing, have to need to have a machine for secondary processing, start from here even though we don't have transformed into machinery manufacturers, but also be a 'part-time job'. And this batch of joint machine is sent to three different customer belt lacing machine, equipment Uliflex industrial belt of the belt is using the principle of hot pressing to shuttle belt, believe that before have learned about the belt feeder friends here will understand its use. , of course, the device is mainly used to the belt and the baseband product feeder, polyurethane synchronous belt is not. More information on products and equipment please consult Uliflex industrial belt manufacturer, we provide technical support for you with all sincerity.
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