Teng ying: industrial belt conveyor belt what are the main production countries in the world?

by:Uliflex     2020-11-28
With the rapid development of automation machinery, industrial belt became the security equipment essential to efficient operation of mechanical parts. Among them, the conveyor belt occupy a larger market share. Supply and demand due to the huge demand of industrial conveyor belt, also to a certain extent, promote the continuous development of the conveyor belt manufacturing. The conveyor belt what are the main production countries in the world? Today by Uliflex industrial belt of small make up take you know: in general, conveyor belt of the main producing countries include: China, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Japan, China is the world's 1 conveyor belt the second production country, but China's conveyor belt production technology and technical level and the developed countries there is gap. China is the world's factory, the rapid growth of the demand for conveyor belt drive sales of high quality imported conveyor belt. 2, Germany is a very important conveyer belt production country in the world. German conveyor belt export proportion is very big, such as Germany is nearly 80% of exports. Germany's conveyor belt in such aspects as measurement, manufacturing, technical performance in the leading position with a high speed, complete, high degree of automation machine, electricity, instrument and microcomputer control into an organic whole, good, reliability, and enjoys a good reputation all over the world. Conveyor belt with the installation of anti-static production technology in Germany. German conveyor belt industry remain the state of steady growth over the years, the proportion of exports accounted for about 80 weft, Germany is a major exporter of conveyor belt in the world. 3, Switzerland is one of the world industrial belt - Conveyor belt technology leading countries, already formed the independent complete conveyor belt manufacturing system, the varieties and production are among the top of the world. Since the 1990 s, who always keeps the world's largest Swiss light conveyor belt production country status. Its products in the majority with delicate and rich varieties, products, machinery and computer together, achieved the integration of mechanical and electrical control. New type of mechanical products with the fastest growth of the logistics, food conveyor belt conveyor belt. 4, Italy is Europe's industrial belt - Conveyor belt exporter. Italy's conveyor belt used in packaging, food industry, with the characteristics of good performance, elegant appearance, the price is cheap, export proportion about 80%, the United States is the biggest export market. Since the 1990 s, the Italian conveyor belt exports to China increased rapidly, export rankings in Italy in 1995, China has become the second. 5, Japan's factory is given priority to with food conveyor belt, conveyor belt conveyor belt of many varieties, packaging machinery is given priority to with medium and small single, a large part of the conveyor belt used in food packaging, food production value more than half of the total output value of conveyor belt conveyor belt. Japan conveyor belt for domestic consumption demand, export scale is not big. Asia is the main export market for Japan conveyor belt. Since 1995, China has become Japan's biggest exporter of conveyor belt. Guangzhou Uliflex industrial belt co. , LTD is specialized in the production, processing and sales of industrial belt for 15 years, the company belt variety, unique independent development ability, complete specifications, reliable quality, can be customized production. Companies over the years has been adhering to the 'honesty, sincere cooperation' business philosophy, to provide clients with high quality, cheap products and services make you satisfied.
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