Teng ying industrial belt for you: the secret of the rubber synchronous belt composed of rubber synchronous belt

by:Uliflex     2020-11-19
In the previous period everybody know rubber synchronous belt model, using range and its characteristics, the current issue of the Uliflex jun bring: the composition of the rubber synchronous belt, detailed oh! : here is a detailed serious decomposition of rubber synchronous belt: adopt high quality imported neoprene as the main raw material, match again into a variety of accessories for different USES, and the skeleton material is made of high quality glass fiber cord, high tooth surface using nylon spandex as protection. Rubber synchronous belt transmission structure with dynamic bend around the ozone, crack resistance, good performance, excellent performance, ageing resistance, heat resistance, oil resistance, wear resistance, etc. Widely used in office equipment, electric tools, food processing, textile machinery, transportation equipment, automobile, chemical fiber, tobacco, paper, printing machinery, chemical industry, agricultural machinery, woodworking, robots and other equipment. Rubber synchronous belt of decomposition in detail: a glass fiber, glass fiber tensile layer tensile layer is composed of multiple strands of glass fiber rope, along the spiral belt width around the cloth line position in the section of adhesive tape, glass fiber characteristics: 1, insulating heat resistant performance is good, has the good stays 3, not bibulous, not easy to corrosion, high tensile strength 4, excellent aging resistance 5, have good sound-absorbing performance 6 7, good electrical insulation performance, flame length, intensity and stability of 2, 8 neoprene adhesive back. Neoprene is a kind of mass production of synthetic rubber compounds. Neoprene adhesive tape firmly back to glass fiber adhesive on the section line, protect the tensile material role; In need to use the back of the transmission occasions, can prevent damage of due to friction belt, it is more superior than polyurethane synchronous belt wheel back hydrolysis resistance and heat resistance. Three, neoprene adhesive tape. Rubber synchronous belt is composed of high strength and hardness of the appropriate neoprene, precision forming and the distribution of the precise location is needed to with pulleys tooth meshing correctly, its root with prescribed distances from section line, bending time distance to no change. ( 4) Nylon cloth layer. Friction resistance of nylon cloth layer is to protect the tape part, is to use small friction coefficient of high elastic nylon fabric. Nylon cloth layer with good wear resistance, effective to enhance the wear resistance of rubber synchronous belt and effectively increase the service life of the belt. Now everybody for rubber synchronous belt still have what not understand? If you have, can leave your question in the comment area, TengYingJun will patiently answer one by one!
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