Teng ying industrial belt: with bad belt can repair?

by:Uliflex     2020-11-28
The belt can be repaired? According to our products for a long time to use logic, thinking with the broken things can take the inertia to repair is a long time. Recently also have customer consultation to the problem, can use the broken belt repair? Uliflex industrial belt very able to understand the problem, after all, a handful of customized special processing belt cost is not cheap. Take a TK10 type polyurethane synchronous belt, for example, circular seamless synchronous belt product itself, the price is higher than ordinary shuttle ring synchronous belt, high because of the different production process make it unit price is higher than ordinary synchronous belt. And increase the conducting bar on the surface of the tooth processing method is to test whether a manufacturer with the standard of technical strength, and back to install red gum are additional options, so such a such a synchronous belt if broken is not easy to accept for the customer, regardless of price, production need more time alone. Uliflex industrial belt manufacturer in this situation is very understanding to think whether can repair to the manufacturer's mood, after all, so they stopped production on time and money are hard to accept. But the belt is really just a one-time use product, if you want to use again only in situations where it hasn't broken become possible, normally if the damage is not serious even when I was working should be booked a new belt. Uliflex industrial belt manufacturer to do some here shows that the customers use TK10 is used in ceramic production of transmission parts, and use time is more than the expected service life, even though we never is different to the life of the feedback of the same industry. So Uliflex industrial belt manufacturers recommend, at the time of maintenance of machinery and equipment is important to note the easily neglected details, problems accumulated over time for the equipment problem is a little hard.
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