The advantages and application range of double-sided

by:Uliflex     2020-06-07
The double-sided tooth synchronous belt wheel transmission is composed of a closed ring-shaped adhesive tape with equal-spaced teeth on the inner peripheral surface and the corresponding belt wheel. During movement, the belt teeth and the tooth groove of the pulley are meshed to transmit motion and power. It is a meshing transmission, so it has various advantages of gear transmission, chain transmission and flat belt transmission. The timing belt can be divided into neoprene rubber plus fiber rope timing belt, polyurethane plus steel wire timing belt according to the material, according to the shape of the tooth is currently divided into two major categories of trapezoidal tooth and arc tooth, according to the arrangement surface It is single-sided tooth timing belt and double-sided tooth timing belt. Double-sided toothed synchronous belt transmission has an accurate transmission ratio, no slip, can obtain a constant speed ratio, can be precise transmission, smooth transmission, shock absorption, low noise, large transmission speed ratio range, generally up to 1:10, allowing The linear speed can reach 50m / s, and the transmission efficiency is high, generally up to 98℅―99℅. Transfer power from a few watts to hundreds of kilowatts. The compact structure is also suitable for multi-axis transmission, small tension, no lubrication and no pollution, so it can work normally in places where pollution is not allowed and the working environment is harsh. It can be allowed to work in places with pollution and poor working environment. Such as: machinery manufacturing, automobile aircraft, textile, light industry, chemical industry, metallurgy, mining, military industry, instruments, instrumentation machine tools, agricultural machinery and commercial machinery transmission.
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