The application of flat belt and classification

by:Uliflex     2020-11-19
Guangzhou Uliflex, flat belt manufacturer, your partner 'close'. Flat belt ( Baseband, flat belt, flat belt) Belongs to a planar high speed transmission belt. Why and flat belt is called chip baseband? That is because many of the plane in the belt with high strength nylon base. Planar surface is usually covered with rubber belt, leather, cloth, etc. Can be divided into rubber nylon baseband, cowhide nylon pills baseband, etc. Worth a mention, Uliflex problems, according to the customer is a reflection of the factory independent research and development, production for longer life, more durable synthetic leather flat belt, with leather flat belt is the main difference between: no interface, the effective guarantee of the belt under the premise of using performance unchanged, improve the service life of a flat belt! Widely used flat belt, suitable for compact transmission mechanism, using the line speed is high, the speed ratio big occasions, such as cigarettes, cigarette machine, paper making, printing, spinning weaving machinery, hvac equipment, metal equipment, automatic selling equipment and military industry and other industries. Flat belt are used in electronic industry, such as: base line, SMT equipment, circuit board conveyor, etc. Now you with plane transmission with a basic understanding of it? Guangzhou Uliflex industrial belt, flat transmission belt manufacturers, focusing on research, development, production and sales of various industrial belt has accumulated rich experience in the industrial belt production and processing, is your trustworthy partner! Uliflex - Flat belt manufacturer, if you now need to industrial belt, consider Uliflex, one more choice is always right, one thousand I two 'eyes'?
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