The application of the flat belt industry as well as the specific application

by:Uliflex     2020-11-19
Flat belt is used widely for the industry of flat belt how much do you know? Uliflex industrial belt, flat transmission belt manufacturers, focusing on the production and processing all kinds of industrial belts, accumulated the rich industrial belt special processing experience, has trained large quantities of industrial belt high quality talents, professional manufacturer of flat belt. Is your trustworthy partner! Next Uliflex tell you about the application of flat belt industry and related application: a, flat belt ( Baseband, flat belt, flat belt) Used in the industries of which: 1, suitable for compact transmission mechanism, using the line speed is high, the speed ratio big occasions. 2, suitable for light, medium, from all walks of life to the mechanical or printing mechanical drive or conveying. 3, is suitable for the oil under the bad environment of large and medium-sized machinery. Second, the flat belt ( Flat belt, baseband, flat belt) What are the specific application: steam flow spinning machine, twisting machine, the draw texturing machine, twisting machine, hair dryer, carding machine, roving machine, spinning frame, drawing frame, knitting machine, paper machine, ventilator, mixer, rolling mill, turbines, marble cutting machine, pump, and so on guangzhou Uliflex flat transmission belt manufacturers, for flat belt of the practical application, the application of the industry and related you understand now? If you have any questions, or is about some questions can be consulting in the field of industrial belt Uliflex company, free professional advice for you, welcome to harass!
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