The brief analysis of the development of the synchronous belt wheel in our country

by:Uliflex     2020-11-27
Synchronous belt wheel in our country is in a rapid expansion of the application of the status of the areas is becoming more and more widely, and it is also in constant development. Below this article from the synchronous belt wheel manufacturing technology and the development of the manufacturing material as an introduction to the development of the synchronous belt wheel in our country. A, synchronous belt wheel manufacturing process of the synchronous belt wheel manufacturing technology development is mainly reflected in two aspects of accuracy and production efficiency improvement. Compared to the seventy s, with the development of the manufacturing precision of the various types of synchronous belt wheel, generally improve the level of left and right sides, technology and even better can improve grade 2 to 3. Such as the low speed synchronous belt wheel precision increased from 8 to 9 magnitude to grade 7 to 8; Machine synchronous belt wheel from 6 to 8 level to level 4 to 6; And mill synchronous belt wheel is from 7 to 8 level up to level 5 to 6. With low modulus and the small specification of synchronous belt wheel, due to the development of high performance gear hobbing machine, with the improvement of the cutting tool material, gear hobbing efficiency have improved significantly. The bull gear hob, under the condition of big feed and cutting speed can be up to 90 meters per second. And use of superhard hob quenched and tempered steel synchronous belt wheel, cutting speed can be as high as 200 meters per second. The development of the manufacturing process, accuracy of synchronous belt wheel and realize a qualitative leap in the efficiency of transmission operation from all walks of life to improve the efficiency of our country. Second, the synchronous belt wheel of the manufacture of material synchronous belt wheel material basically is steel, so far, the synchronous belt wheel steel mainly containing Cr, Ni, Mo to boron steel low alloy steel, and then from boron steel to carbonitriding steel, to free cutting steel four stages of development. But because China's lack of Ni, Cr element, so commonly used carburizing steel or of rare earth with boron steel as the main material.
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