The characteristics and use of PVC conveyor belt

by:Uliflex     2020-06-13
①PVC conveyor belt steel rope core belt: replace the fiber fabric belt core conveyor belt with multiple special steel ropes with good flexibility and high strength. Since the 1960s, wire rope core belts have been widely used. Its breaking strength can be as high as 7000 N / mm, the elastic elongation is extremely small, the lateral rigidity is small, and the impact resistance is good. Most long-distance belt conveyors use this type of conveyor belt, which is also used in some belt feeders. ②High inclination belt: including short pattern belt, high pattern belt, diaphragm type belt and ribbed belt. The working surface of the short pattern belt is covered with rubber bumps or ribs of various shapes with a height of less than 10 mm to block the layer shift of the material, and is used to convey powdery and small particles of bulk materials. The height of the bumps on the belt surface of the high-pattern belt is between 10 and 25 mm, to prevent the material from rolling, and is used to transport medium and large-sized bulk materials. These two belts can increase the conveying inclination by about 10 °. The working surface of the horizontal partition belt is covered with a partition with a height of more than 100 mm. The shape of the partition is divided into double fin shape, multi fin shape, high strip V shape or straight shape, which can be used to achieve an inclination angle of 53 ° The upward transportation. The ribbed belt has a transverse partition with corrugated or plate-shaped ribs. The height of the rib is 40 to 300 mm. This kind of belt can achieve vertical lifting. ③PVC conveyor belt heat-resistant belt: the conveyor belt with special rubber as the covering material, the temperature of the conveyed material can reach 800 ℃. ④Cold-resistant belt: It is also a conveyor belt using special rubber as a covering material, which can be used in an environment of -55 ℃.
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